History of the Kansas YRs

The Kansas Young Republicans has a rich tradition in Kansas Republican politics. 

On September 6, 1880 at the Republican State Convention in Topeka, the Young Republican Men's Club, the precursor to the Kansas Young Republicans, was founded.

In a letter to Young Republicans across the state, Henry E. Asp, the first president said, "It is believed that this plan will best promote the interests of the party, and be of incalculable benefit to the young Republicans of Kansas, in preparing and training them for the political duties soon to devolve upon them."

Continuing a tradition of involvement, the  annual gathering of Republicans in Kansas, Kansas Day, was started in 1892 by Young Republicans. Over 100 Young Republicans attended the first Kansas Day to hear speeches given by Young Republicans from across the state.

Harry Frost stated at the first Kansas Day, that the club is "An organization to promote Republicanism, and to call together in a social way, upon the anniversary of Kansas admission into the Union, the Young Republicans of the State."*

As women were enfranchised in Kansas, the organization gained recognition as the Kansas Young Republicans Club and has consistently played a role in Republican dominance in the state of Kansas.

Our mission is to bring young professionals into the Republican Party, to provide young people an opportunity for political expression and recognition, to train Republican leaders, and to provide a practical means by which they may contribute to the Republican Party as a service to our Nation, our State, and our local communities.

The KYRs are here to support the principles, objectives, and platform, of the Republican Party and to work to ensure the elections of all duly nominated Republican candidates. Our organization has local chapters throughout our great State.

The Kansas Young Republicans has produced countless Republican leaders, from local office-holders to U.S. Senators.

Current Board of the Kansas Young Republicans

Chair Harrison Hems
Vice-Chair Samantha Poetter
Vice-Chair at Large Daniel Fry
Treasurer Eric Turek
Secretary Meagan Maher
National Committeeman Neil Melton
National Committeewoman  Carly Miller

Former Chairmen of the Kansas Young Republicans

Melissa Ward, 2015-2016 Phil Kline, 1958    
Brandon Kenig, 2013-2015 Glenn Cogswell, 1955
J.R. Claeys, 2011-2013 Sam Lowe, 1954
Mark Taylor, 2009-2011 Paul A Lackie, 1949
Chad Lawton, 2007-2009 James A. Putnam, 1947
Shawn Cowing, 2005-2007 W.C. Jones, 1942
Jesse Borjon, 2003-2005 Ralph Rodgers, 1940
Scott Schneider,1999-2003 John Fontron, 1938
Richard Walker, 1975-1977 Fred Seaton, 1936
Jones H. Miller, 1970-1973 Arthur J. Ericsson, 1928
Ron Wilkinson, 1965-1967 R.E. Booth, 1924
Gene Smith, 1963-1965 Henry E. Asp, 1880
David Wheeler, 1961-1963 Don Porter, unknown
John Anderson, Jr., 1961 Ned Cushing, unknown
Don Concannon, 1960