New Leaders Elected for 2013-2015

Kansas Young Republicans gathered in Topeka to elect new leadership to guide the organization through 2015.

Our new Chairman, Brandon Kenig, said this after the election:

"I am honored and humbled today after being elected Chairman of the Kansas Young Republicans. I'm excited to work with a great executive team and I'm confident we will continue to build upon a rich legacy of political involvement and recruitment in our state. Most importantly, we will represent ALL young Republicans in Kansas and work to grow our party with an inclusive message that resonates with disaffected and apathetic youth faced with economic uncertainty, a bankrupt future, crises at home and abroad, and record levels of distrust in government institutions. We can do better as a nation and set an example by what we do here in Kansas. Our mission is clear. Thank you for your confidence." 

Well put! There is work to be done, and our team has faith in our mission. Under Brandon's leadership, we promise to take it to the next level in 2013!  The following are the new leaders dedicated to making the Kansas YRs stronger.

Chairman - Brandon Kenig

Vice Chairman - Lee Modesitt

Vice Chairman at Large - George H. Weston

Secretary - Michelle Hucke

Treasurer - Chase Blasi

National Committeeman - Trey Joy

National Committeewoman - Ashley Moretti

Political Director - Heath Kohl